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Modern Irrigation Networks

The infrastructure of the main irrigation networks was constructed in most parts of the site with a length of 6 kilometers and a diameter of 12 inches. There is also a plan in place to complete the rest of the infrastructure of the irrigation network with a length of 1500 meters by 2019.

Two central irrigation systems (Central Pivot) have been approved and will be used to cultivate 106 acres of fast-yielding field crops.


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All tree plantations on the site are being irrigated by a high-level drip irrigation system, one that meets the plant’s need for water without any water waste.

A sprinkling irrigation network has been established for the open vegetable farming area.

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An irrigation system that works with spray and fog irrigation has been established in the greenhouses area, and the greenhouses area itself has been equipped with automated control devices in an effort to exclude the human factor.

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