Project Desciption

The Paulownia tree is known for its high-quality wood, and its leaves are used as animal nutrition similar to Berseem. It has been farmed on 50 acres with a total of 7000 trees, and will extend to another 25 acres by 2019. As of now, a patch has already been harvested and offered to the market.

Project Starting Date12.01.2016

Project EndIn Progress


Agriculture Process

Paulownia can adapt to a wide range of temperatures and grow up to 2000m. The development starts in the spring, when the soil temperature reaches 15~16С. Intensive cultivation of Paulownia is optimal up to 700~800m and the optimal temperatures suitable for maximal growth are in the range of 24~33oC.

Paulownia is a highly adaptive species and grows well on many types of soils. Nevertheless, we use the most appropriate and recommended soil which is light, well-drained and sandy soil with slopes. Most recommended are deep well drained soils with pH from 5.0 to 8.9 and we avoid clay, rocky and soaked soils.


Work Scope

All preparations are done on our site, from deep land ploughing (40~60cm) and herbicide treatment to weed and brush control. Wooden debris, weeds and rocks are cleaned up to allow proper cultivation to take place.

  • Sustainable profit to our shareholders
  • Exporting Opportunity
  • Quality wood production
  • Highest Standards in plants cultivation

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