It is considered one of the main crops in Atlas Siwa, as it now covers around – acres of land and expected to reach – acres by the end of 2020. The cultivation of this type of plants is chosen for its healthy food production usage and since it contains high amount of vitamins and carbohydrates, therefore there is high demand on this kind of plant in the market.


Agriculture Process

The agriculture of Barley in Atlas Siwa is done by using modern machinery with high density cultivation methods. Barley plants are highly adaptive to any type of weather and climate change, in hot areas where it is grown as a type of summer crop and relatively cold areas where it is cultivated as a winter crop. Its germination time is one to three days. Barley grows under cool conditions, but is not particularly winter areas., therefore the climate in our farms located in Siwa is considered very suitable to cultivate the best quality of Olives.

Barley planting scheme is decided according to the cultivation system applied either intensive or non-intensive. Hence, we follow intensive cultivation, in areas with fertile soil and sufficient irrigation, trees are planted densely.


Work Scope

Barley production

  • Food industry
  • Quality products
  • Satisfy needs of Egyptian market

Atlas Siwa Agricultural Development

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