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In a difficult climate, agriculture of most crops would be a challenge. Our best ally is greenhouses, and it protects our crops from bugs, weeds, soil condition, and water insecurity can all be controlled if the plants are growing in a protected environment.

Controlling Climate

In Siwa Oasis and with the changing climate conditions, greenhouses are perfect for continuous vegetable production. A greenhouse protects the crops against adverse weather conditions, pests and diseases.There are an easy temperature control for ideal production and an efficient use of resources such as water and nutrients.A greenhouse ensures higher yields and improved quality of vegetables.


Ventilation is one of the most important components in a successful greenhouse, if there is no proper ventilation, greenhouses and their growing plants can become prone to problems.

The main purposes of ventilation are to regulate the temperature, humidity and vapor pressure deficit to the optimal level, and to ensure movement of air and thus prevent build-up of plant pathogens that prefer still air conditions. Ventilation also ensures a supply of fresh air for photosynthesis and plant respiration, and may enable important pollinators to access the greenhouse crop.

Why we use greenhouses? – Greenhouses allow for greater control over the growing environment of plants.

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